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Reflection on Supervisor Meeting - Week 10

It was a big meeting. Now that we are getting to the pointy end of the semester the stress is high and I'm finding the workload is just too high, plus trying to organise a grant before Oct 13th for a physical exhibition. So I wanted to question some of the suggestions that had been made by my supervisor.

The music video could use some close ups (or just variety in framing, mostly mid shot with 1 wide) it was suggested so I will try a couple such as aerosol spraying and the record spinning from above and fix up the small things I didnt like. Hopefully Monday.

I will try and edit the Prince letter to two pages as I agree this will work better visually. My idea for the letters was to mount them on foamcore but I didnt like the edge nor did my supervisor. Framing and framers were discussed which I am investigating tonight / tomorrow but Im worried about the $$ might add up. Float mounting I will investigate as an option. I'd love all the letters framed in a pink frame.

I will ask a friend / other student who has worked with copy before to read my letters, as a female. Just for the tone. I dont want any letter to come off bitter but I do feel I have balanced this for the project as a whole as well as within each work, buy providing levity or relief in the visual components.

I am trying to get the mockups done this week but have just had no time with everything else. I will also start on the Kirsty MacColl visual component yet I dont have the cork board until Tuesday. Im thinking also of a table based installation or a little shrine.

Lastly I do need to look at a few more academic texts and my supervisor will send me some situated in feminism. The bad feminist by Roxanne Gay was suggested and I will look at that also this week.

I will also be editing up the Lister visual component for printing Wednesday and framing both that and Prince image.

Big week!!

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