• Belinda Keyte

Work in Progress - Week 15

I finished the 11,500 word final report, read it through, corrected it and lodged it and also finished the artist statement and printed it out. I hope these headings make everybody happy. I started making the stencils last week, spraying the prince and lister one but got the wrong shade of purple, so had to start that one again, spraying the white base over it to go back to a clean slate. I left the overspray and basic mankiness so 'judges' realise this is NOT tagging, its not wriitng. It's a long process of finding the right text, printing out the alphabet in that text so you can hand draw the stencils of the words on ($$$$) acetate you hand cut, buy the canvases, and the right paint colours. Then spray them, hopefully not getting overspray or making mistakes and having to go back to scratch. 2 of these are 3 layer stencils. But they will prob not even notice the difference. It pisses me off no end this medium gets absolutely no regard at all. Its just graffitii. Its just 'an aside' to accompany the real work. To 'tie it together'. Just an idea to try, like it takes no time at all. To put it in perspective, I could design you a house in less time, with far less effort and less material cost, for each of the 5 letters. Thats 5 houses. And that job is paid way better. Anyway, hope everybody is happy. What am I going to do with these once Ive presented? Lets not forget the cost to the environment, which I live with, if its my real art. That is actually putting something into the world.

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