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Reflection on Test Installation and supervisor meeting - Week 12

It was great to get everything together on a wall but the biggest achievement for me was the video installation. I'd never done one before and it was such a relief to know that it works and how to do it.

Comments were it was just too disparate, there was just another 'fan girl' reading of the work rather than me asking my industries to take a look at how they are for us women. I will address (and acknowledge) this in my report.

It didnt seem clear that I was tagging lister work with my name (like he does), thereby taking back control. Marking MY territory. Telling him he is not welcome in my hood. Even though my name is in the caption below the work. I agreed with my supervisor it can't be any clearer and you really don't have to be aerosol / street artist to get this. For this reason my supervisor and I both felt this one worked best. Critiques are one thing, but its great to take that feedback to my supervisor and get encouraged to back yourself.

Yet mostl;y the feedback was constructive. The project was started as letters. Intended to be a book. Yet now that it has really become about the visula components that respond to the letters I am asking a lot of the viewer to read the letters in full. And the content really does explain the visuals. I get that. A great suggestion was to take extracts from the letter. Salient points. Hand written and big. I edited the letters down to one page and I may or may not hand write it all. I'll see how long it looks big. Maybe I wil edit further but my supervisor thought it would still be good to present the one page letter also, as a kind of artifact.

Even Ceri, the gallery manager? loved the hand written headings. I will stencil them onto the hand written, enlarged letters. I've ordered butcher paper and printed out the heading texts to create my stencils.

The video was thought to be the most successful but a bigger screen would work better. ive organised a 43 inch screen.

The two images also would also work better much bigger. Ive already resized to 1100mm long side and talked to Gabe about printing in week 14 or 15.

The installation was thought to be too much / too tacky / too obvious. I will make that a wall based multi media installtion with only the salient points of the articles on a kind of pinboard with tthe LP, CD and images. A single candle on the floor. In my mind Im thinking of Jim Morrisons grave or those put at the front gates of Kurt Cobains or Princes house when they died.

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