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Work in Progress - Week 13

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I had spray painted and gloss coated the pinboard for the Kirsty MacColl installation last week and was very apprehensive about what it would look like made up with the Newspapaer articles and other components. Messy, unprofessional / non-artistic. I had an idea that photoshopping a 'pinboard' by compositing would look better. Yet this, photographing it for the grad show, working on the report and startiung the hand written letters / heading were my scheduled tasks this weekend. If I get time and want an optiion I can try an option after the report and grad show images are lodged. Yet I was pleased with the results. I managed to take very little from 2 of the articles and get the others down a lot also. Just the salient points. It always makes me cry reading them, just to edit. I find it incredible a respected singer / songwriter can be mowed down by a rich guys boat and he gets off (actually, his paid scapegoat gets off - even worse).

I might try and photograph it again so it is better, straight on and candle is in the middle. Maybe lit better. Everything at this point is about time. I can only work on school work sat- sun 8a-6p.

I hand wrote the extracts from (extracted) letters to get a sense of what can fit on 1 page, hand written. I tried on butchers paper, but found it looks less messier with lined stationary / letter pad. Of course I have to re-write them neatly. This is the problem with hand writing. It takes me a long time to write neatly. I will cut off the spiral holes and scan them as thats easier to get them flat and straight and print them at A2 size. I need officeworks to be open to do this, next weekend

I also painted the canvases I will be using to paint the headings on. I still have so much to do, drawing, cutting and spraying the stencils. Two are 3 stencil layers. An entire days work I dont have. I might have to start working week nights after work.

Yet my report is almost done. Ive been working / re-working on a section each week since week 8. But I still have the past work and conclusion to go as well as hand write 5 letters and scan and print them, organise the framing of the letters, printing of the Prince and Lister large images, organise and upload everything for the Grad show by the 8th and the consent form is not even working for me yet. And final installation. I have 2 weekends to do all this in.

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