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Work in Progress - Week 14

I sent the extracted letters off to be framed and went to framer to make the choices of glassless frame. They will be done this week.

I got the marked up draft of my final folio report with feedback back form my supervisor and spent 7 hours re-doing the introduction, editing and integrating the comments and corrections. Then another day working on the earlier studio work section. The report is now over 9000 words.

I reshot the Kirsty Installation. I like the pinboard from last week but edited the new chosen installation shot for the online grad show.

I hand wrote all five letters. Its the neatest I can do. My running writing is neater, but less readable. I trimmed the letters for scanning and printing to double the size. A2.

I went to scan and print them and printed out the last text for headings, the Michael Hutchence one. I had found proper sized framed canvas's also. I'd only not gotten them before as an A4 I'd thought there was going to be too much negative space, but I have sixed out all the headings and am happy. The great thing about stencils is I can do one on each, the framed canvas and the large canvas I was going to slice to size and see what looks better. I will have to trim the edges from the large printed letters. I will be making all the headings, drawing, cutting and spraying next Saturday.

One more weekend to wrap everything up, print out the large format Prince & Lister images hopefully this week and install all on Nov 12th.

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