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Work in Progress - Week 11

Finally got to the editing of the 4th visual component to the Anthony Lister letter. I dont think I wanted to start as Im uncomfortable putting the word 'Rapist' out in the world where it might make some uncomfortable or bring anything up for some. At the same time his arrests and the multiple counts of are highly reported. I'd already cleaned it up (the existing green graffitti) as it made it too busy and not as pointed if I was just writing it again. Here is the original. I also chose the day shoot over the night as it just was a better image, clearer, sharper and more colour and contrast. I also optimised the chosen image.

I tried both changing the word 'Lister' to Rapist and Keyte. It was a technique I'd say influenced from billboards I saw around Sydney as a child through to my 20's. They were everywhere I frequented in a car. A group or 'movement' of culture jammers that would cleverly change the letters on smoking ads with spray paint to read something else. I vaguely remember 'Anyhow....get cancer' but I couldnt find it.

So here are mine. I actually think the 'Keyte' is lame. People won't get it that it is his writing and that he has a habit of graffitti-ing other artists work...or just anywhere with his name. I think the Rapist is clear its his signature as Ive made the crossing out the e & r light and the painting over the bottom of the L white. And Ive really only implied the R. Plus position wise it works better than Keyte.

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