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Work in Progress - Week 11

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Starting gathering things for the Kirsty McColl 'Alter' (a scrap book, guest book, table cloth, candles, a canvas to mount the LP & CD on and a jar to paint gold for a vase and after talking to my supervisor about the 2 choices for the Lister image decide to present them both for test installation. Yet I didnt like the placement of the 'Keyte' and although it was important to have me at the beginning of the Lister / Rapist text (as im adding the a and r backwards), this didnt matter about the Keyte text. In reality, I'd be at the end. So fixed it. Awaiting feedback but Im liking this better than the earlier one.

I mocked up all 5 installations. It was really beneficial to put it all together and also to time it so I had an idea for test installation. I really love the kind of 'infinity' effect of placement of the painting within the image. Decided against adding the video. Letters will be framed or mounted. Image framed in a 40mm deep white frame

The 2nd letter to Superfluity is the same letter/email treatement with a wall mounted video display screen. On laptop here. Here is a link.

The 3rd letter to Kirsty McColl I am so happy with the table based installation. Awaiting real bound with tie black scrap book and guest book and painting a gold vase and oviously need to do some ironing but it's what I had envisaged.

This is what the final Lister wall placement will look like, with white frame and letter treatement as all the others, but for test installtion I will pin 2 choices and show the improved option 2 on my laptop

Lastly Michael Hutchence. Not the right chair. Hat wont stay put so have packed up lots of things for fixing etc. It was just really good to set everything up then pack it all up properly in an IKEA bag I know I can get to RMIT on a tram. No car hire / parking required.

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