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Work in Progress - Week 10

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I did some mock ups on a wall. Of course the videso will be on a wall mounted video monitor (with speaker, not headphones - reckon best for COVID). I made all my equipt hire requirements known to Gabe Nilsen and he told me it will all be covered in my test installation.

Used the officeworks test print for size and an A2 frame I had from an image I had to frame for a prize a few years ago. I'm wanting white for the x2 images (Prince & Lister) with no margin / board and have made inquiries to Neo & Indigo and have a 'consultation' with Arden Wednesday.

I edited the Prince letter down to 2 pages and pulled out all the other letters to measure frame sizes. I popped into a local printer / framer in Prahan and he can print all the letters on something better than paper. White custom frames, float mounted. $120 each image. Happy with that. He recommended black mounting board but I hate that idea and so then white, but pink is possible and I will ask for a swatch prior and decide. It's not fine art framing but for the letters it will do. I dont know how other students are justifying installation costs for 2 or 3 people viewing it for marking.

Just need to get the letters finalised before sending off to him. I have my doubts all letters and images are framed for test installation. Im not sure if that is the idea but Andre, the installation guy seems to think I have the installtion under control. Its just time finishing the work.

Prince mock up video:

Accidentally deleted the still from camera but here is video:

Superfluity mock up video:

Kirsty. Waiting on a 1200x900mm corkboard but I tested layout and this box is smaller and there is too much room and I hate it. Its ugly. Obviously planned fixed to wall with framed letter beside. I will be looking into getting a scrap book for articles, even a guest book to sign - like you would a funeral (for future exhibition), flowers, table, black cloth / shroud / table cloth and candle (OHS....maybe unlit) and maybe somehow wall base the LP and CD. I need time to get to ikea for the table and where do I get the black (velvet??) fabric in lockdown?

I sent the 1st 2 letters off to an old sound engineer friend I talked to Saturday to assess them for 'Bitter and angryness'.

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