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Work in Progress - Week 7: Prince visual component, Anthony Lister & Kirsty MacColl

I finalised my Prince image by trying some lens correction but anything fixing the floorboards made the top left hand of the painting weird. I tried the preset for Nikon and then custom -2 degrees, but decided to live without the correction. I dodged the subject and painting and burned the timber sideboard and floorboards, did a bit of cloning on the skin / face and glasses and just darkened the reflection of the umbrella on the glasses and pretty happy with it.

I ran up to see the Lister plaque and wrote the letter to him.

4. Lister
Download PDF • 44KB

On a run I found the Llister mural near me was clear of cars so I photographed it on my phone. I dont think it is going to work as I dont want to identify the house and the signature is too small and off to the left...and also somebody else got to it 1st, tagging 'rapist mutt' on it in green. I might still shoot myself on it just to get shadows and maybe composite myself off it onto a googled image of this or another mural of his.

I finished the document structure plan but I am concerned my research question doesnt match the work. At this point Im thinking 'why?' what is the point of this project and, is it mean? is it polarizing?

Lastly, my Kirsty MacColl pink vinyl LP and CD arrived from the UK. Only 5 weeks!! But just in time for me to play with the bought turntable to do some last shooting for the 2nd letter video. I will do that and hopefully edit it up Wednesday.

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