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Work in Progress - Week 9: Kirsty MacColl visual component and Prince printing

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

I started my final report, just doing the cover page and title, contents, declaration and page breaks.up to acknowledgments & preamble...just to make a start and decide on fonts and sizes.

I downloaded / printed articles on Kirty MacColl and had to pretty much do screen shots of one and recompile as a word doc (sometimes articles print weird with crap overlapping / ads and stuff).

Called Officeworks and only online orders and click and collect. Did that for the 4 articles and x2 Prince print sizes. Picked them up this afternoon.

This is what I have plus thinking of adding both the che image I refer to when I say 'Viva le siempre...' in letter. Kirsty loved Cuba and was on her way back from working there when she was killed. Also another image of her.

I was getting concerned about the gap from the superfluity letter to this one, and also people might say 'who the hell is Kirsty MacColl?' but thats the point. Awareness. I'm thinking of a little shrine with a candle might bring it all together, but I do want the articles read. Ive only hinted at the tragedy in the letters. I want tragedy to unfold through the articles.

And Prince, we definitely have to go big (or bigger than A3 anyway. Its the only way. The CD is just for scale.

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