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Work in Progress - Week 8: Superfluity Video

Saturday I had problems with editing. The premiere pro file was having problems locating all the source video and also just freaking out, out of sync, buffering, stopping etc. The MP-4 I'd made was also problematic, digital noise and crunching. I made a new file and loaading in the vocals to re-compile from scratch, but kept doing the spinning wheel of death thing. Not responding.

I thought maybe the copying from laptop to HD might be the problem, so made new copies and also copied the entire Studio 4 folder to another HD for back up. I even had problems doping this. It takes a while for the HD's to even come up on my laptop, so did other stuff while this was happening. All day.

I thought overnight it could be a variety of issues, the HD (PC's often have issues with HD's started on Mac's even tho its not been an issue thus far), size of the files and I realised I'd never worked with this many large files in one project. I'd been working off the HD but decided to copy the folder to desktop and that would alleviate that issue. I also decided I would edit it up in one go and finish it and MP-4, because the going back and forth from PC to HD to laptop back to HD and PC is terrifying if it doesnt go smoothly.

I reckon it was a variety of all this. So the day was gone, but started fresh Sunday. Syncing to the vocal track was time consuming, but added in all the new videos, re-compiled to the vocal track and did all video and audio fades and balancing. There are 2 things that bug me but mostly happy. I pretty impressed I made music video!!!! doing everything myself.

and here is the letter it is responding to

2. Superfluity
Download PDF • 46KB

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