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Work in Progress - Week 9: Lister photography shoots x3 and letter printing. Final letter written

My 1st shoot for the Lister visual component was a little over exposed and I wanted to be more left of frame to allow for the text I will be compositing on. I kept all 12 but I went back for a day and night shoot. Her are my favourite of about 27.

I shot the tags as I will be using that to composite onto the main part of the image. I just realised I shot the night one when I was on manual focus for the wider shot. no bother, this site is 200m from my house. Literally around the corner. The day shoot was no problem, except that a parked car prevented me from using the left of the mural, which I would have preffered as it has the tag but I am happy with what I got. The night shoot had to be long exposure (10sec) and the cars at this time were quite busy & aggressive. Lucky I had a classmate / walking bubble buddy to man the camera. I actully like the 'Stealth like' night shoots, even though it was a trade off between exposure and focus. Anyt human is going to move a bit even in 10sec on a windy night in St Kilda. For this visual component I will take concept and execution over quality any day.

I wanted to upscale the finall Prince image but im experiencing technical problem with the software and am having a printing induction wednesday and was hoping to have it done by then.

I formatted and printed all the letters with different fonts (not sure why, could have chosen off the pdfs) the 1st 2 only had 1 I decided on, Prince the times new roman as I'm thinking about the intended book and making it look like a classic letter. Superfluity I chucked it into email format, as thats what it woud be (but added a sentence the next day...whatever)

1. Prince
Download PDF • 51KB

2. Superfluity
Download PDF • 269KB

Kirsty I have 5 choices. i just want something a bit casual / feminine. But not script as its hard to read. Formal, but feminine. Hehe



3. Kirtsy MacColl_Hoefler text
Download PDF • 32KB

3. Kirtsy MacColl_Palatino
Download PDF • 31KB

3. Kirtsy MacColl_TNR
Download PDF • 47KB

Lister I wanted something angry. Ugly. Agressive. There was nothing that visually matched the repugnance I feel for this man, but theese 3 are the closest.

4. Lister
Download PDF • 44KB

4. Lister_Herculanum
Download PDF • 28KB

4. Lister_zapf dingbats
Download PDF • 78KB

I also started the final report, cover page, declaration, contents, then acknowldegements & a draft summary (supposedly to write last) on the public holiday and the introduction today. Plan and do a bit each school work day. It was great I had 4 this week. But I also had to make intial plans for a grant for a physical exhibition we are not getting from RMIT, so have to oragnise our own and the grants came out last week but are due in 2 weeks!!

I started and finished s good draft of the final letter. My concern is that it is irrelevant to the project subject matter. It does not touch on that subject. Is this important, as it provides a nice coda, a bit of light at the end. But not really. Or can i work it such that I am saying not every guy is a bastard in the industries Ive worked in. In fact, a lot are my best friends (hehe)....that is actually a fact

5. Michael Hutchence
Download PDF • 47KB

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