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Artist Research - Week 6: Tracy Emin

Another artist I have researched at least once a year of my 5 years of arts degrees. I even appropriated her ‘my bed’ to talk about my...

Work in Progress

I did another shoot for the Prince still. I still think my favourite from last weekend has the best facial expression but I really dont...

Artist Research - Week 5: Pippilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist was born Elisabeth Charlotte Rist on June 21, 1962, in Grabs, Switzerland. She took on the pseudonym ‘Pipilotti’ after her...

Research Week 5: Celebrity Culture

Although I still maintain this project is not about celebrity culture, nor the gap between the public perception and the real lives of...

Research Week 5: Callout culture

Defined as ‘a way of behaving in a society or group in which people are often criticized in public, for example on social media, for...

Work in Progress

I am very happy with this weekends work. I didnt get to writing my 3rd letter, but I got the lighting right on the Prince still. However...

Artist Research - Week 4: Andy Warhol

I wanted to look at Warhol's electric chair next as, although Ive clarified my project isn’t about ‘celebrity’ I must admit I love Warhol...

Work in Progress

I did a final draft of the 2nd letter, reshot the visual component for the Prince letter and a trial portion video for the 2nd letter. I...

Artist Research - Week 3: Nicola Tyson

Nicola Tyson (born 1960 in London) is a Britsh painter who llives in New York. Her work is primarily concerned with issues of gender,...

Work in Progress

Edited the 1st letter to a point Im happy with it. I cut about 500 words, down to 1/3. Here it is...also shot the visual...

Artist Research - Week 2: Archie Barry

Archie Barry I saw this performance video last year. I remember the issue...

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